The story of Ottilia and Otto—two bears who love good living!

This is the story of two bears, Ottilia and Otto, who love playing, sleeping and leisure.

Ottilia and Otto are two bears who have always liked good living. The most fun that those two kind bears know is to eat well, to drink well and to sleep well. And play in-between.

Life is wonderful and fun and good. Ottilia and Otto, dedicated to leading a good life, always come up with new games and new ways to have fun between themselves and with others.

“Hee-heeee”, screams Ottilia when sliding downhill at a breathtaking speed on a toboggan, or when vigorously pedalling uphill on her all-terrain bike. “Haw haw”, laughs Otto and opens the picnic basket, “Sandwiches and milk and honey, yum!”

When the evening comes, Ottilia and Otto retire into their soft den, cuddle together in the soft, thick blankets and sleep happily till late in the morning as only bears can.

But other industrious and punctual bears look at Ottilia and Otto with a frown.

“Life is not just fun”, they say.

“You have to work, too”, they point out.

“A bear can’t just play and sleep and eat”, they scold.

“That just won’t do”, they threaten.

“Is it really so?” Ottilia asks Otto with a worried face.

“Can’t life be just good things, leisure, sleep and play?”

“Hmm”, Otto thinks and scratches behind his ear with his big paw.

“You have to do what you’re good at, what you feel is the best for you, that’s what Mother Bear taught to me.”

“But we are best at playing, sleeping and leisure”, Ottilia says.

“That’s true! That’s really what we are best at. And every time our bear friends come to us, they say they have never slept or played better anywhere else.”

The thought of the meaning of life worries Ottilia the whole day. Can it be wrong to enjoy life? And then, just before going to sleep, Ottilia has an idea.

“Who says that being on holiday and playing and sleeping is just wasting time? That you can’t live like this? Let’s start a hotel and offer all bears round the world the chance to enjoy life! Even if it’s just for a short while. No worries! No everyday chores!”

And that’s exactly what they do. Ottilia and Otto decide to start a hotel. They wander here and there looking for the best place to have fun and rest. One day they trudge into a town on a hill that looks like a bear’s head.

“What is this place?” Ottilia asks.

“It’s Otepää and it means Bear’s Head”, Otto says.

“Bears and people have come here for their holidays for ages. Look at the town’s coat of arms, there’s a bear too!” Otto points his paw towards a big sign by the road.

Ottilia looks at the beautiful green hills and glittering blue lakes that vanish into the horizon. She smells the wind that is fresh and clean like it always is in high places.

“Let’s stay here!” Ottilia says energetically. “This is where we will start our hotel!”

In the summer of 2005, the doors of Villa Ottilia, the family hotel at Oru 4 in Otepää, opened. Now Ottilia and Otto can invite all the bears of the world to have a holiday, to play and to sleep well.

Welcome to Villa Ottilia!