Your hosts

We are a Finnish couple who moved to Otepää in 2005 and set up Villa Ottilia Bed & Breakfast.

We were totally new here in the beginning, so we’ve done a fair bit of work to get to know the country, the Otepää region, the culture and what there is to see. We want to share everything we’ve learned with our guests. And we speak Estonian, so we can help you in many ways.

Sometimes we’re called Mr and Mrs Bear. That’s because of the story of how our place came into existence. You’ll find lots of bears at our place—two wooden bear cubs welcome you by the gate, and friendly bears abound in the house, from paintings on the walls to the sheets in your bed. (Read the story and you’ll know why.)

We want your stay in Otepää to be something you will remember for years. That’s why we’ll guide, help and advise you and your family or group as best we can. We hope that you’ll be satisfied enough to visit us again, just like the many loyal guests we have—there are people who have returned 7 times!

If you want to learn more about us, visit our Facebook page. It’s a mixture of Finnish and English (Finnish tourists being the majority of our guests) but we hope you’ll find something there you’ll be interested in. You can always get in touch with us by email at or through the Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you!